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Progress = Happiness. 
There are a lot of things about your current job that you like. You have connection with your team, you have your boss figured out (most of the time). In short, you have learned how to win, but every day is starting to feel the same. The same issues, the same conversations, the same goals. All of this with no hope of moving up and tackling new challenges. When you started in the service manager role, it was an adventure. You went to war every day with energy, and felt the sense of accomplishment as goals were met, and records were broken. 
So why the sense of boredom and disinterest now?
Progress = Happiness
Happiness isn't found in achieving goals, it is found in growing. 

Maybe the leadership in your company is trapped 1980 thinking. Perhaps you are stuck in your position due to the lack of company growth, and all the upward positions are filled by awesome people already. Whatever your reason is, in your soul, you know you are capable of more. You know it is time to move yourself into a place where you can grow to become your best self. 

That brings us to right now. There are only a few shots that will come along for you to work at a company like Radiant. To be completely direct about it, there are no companies like Radiant, and this may be your only shot. We are forging our own path. Better practice groups and business coaches have had a hand in guiding our development, but I have found that what the other companies are doing doesn't necessary need to be what I am doing. This thinking lead to revolutionizing on-call schedule (our techs love it). Reimagined service agreement plan (we don't have one). Only running demand calls, and too many of them... This list goes on for a while...


I forgot to introduce myself. I am Brad Casebier, and this is not an ad. This is me writing you to see if you are the right fit for my team. My dad was a plumber, and I grew up in the construction industry. Around 19 years old, I realized that my friends with degrees were making less money that me, and with the ever reducing number of plumbers, my best bet was to stay in plumbing and become the leader in this industry. Fast forward to now, and you will find Radiant Plumbing and Air Conditioning in Austin, Texas is doing just that. 
My wife and I own and operate our business, and our number one goal is to create the best place for plumbers to work in the nation. 
Our techs are the best you will ever encounter. I know the caliber I have on my team. You will be impressed.

We are growing (around 30% on average), but not focused on that. It is just a side effect of creating an amazing culture. We hire one person at a time. Our growth aspirations are secondary to our commitment to the quality of people that we allow to work here. Said another way. I would rather not grow and have a team I am proud of, than hit some larger revenue number with guys that I don't like. The upside of this thinking is that because we are so demanding on who we let in, we attract the best people, deliver exceptional service, and growth is fun, not painful.

The Big Task

Enough about me. This is what I know about you. 
You have managed a plumbing department for at least 3 years. 
You have deep technical and sales knowledge. 
You have developed techs with minimal sales skills to become excellent.
You have developed techs with minimal technical skills to become excellent.
You are good at communicating with frustrated techs, managers, and customers.
You know how to motivate people in a way that makes them grow, and feel a sense of empowerment and loyalty to the company. 
You know that you are capable of operating at a higher level in your company, and want to take on more duties to show just how good you are. 
Operations Manager will be your next step here, and you will be trained to move to the next level. 

What We Offer

Give it some thought. It is time to decide if settling is going to make you happy in the long run, or if now is the time to make a step that will challenge you to level up, and change your life forever. 

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