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You’re not imagining it. A lot of people you know want to start their own business. An America’s Small Business Development Centers survey shows that 49% of us hope to start one within the next three years. What’s more, 61% of us believe our best job security come from owning our own business.

But, how do you get the experience and the confidence you need to start that business? Most business owners will tell you that working for other small businesses hands you the keys to success for starting your own. Here’s why.

It gives you a network

Working for someone else plugs you into a network of professionals who help you become better at what you do—either because you learn from them, or because they’re the gateway to providing opportunities to help you help your employer grow their business.

When it comes time to start your own business, this network is going to be invaluable. They’ll serve as referral sources for customers. They may even become customers themselves—or perhaps even business associates.

It’s said that knowledge is power, but you will discover that there’s more power in leveraging the professional relationships you have with people. Working for someone helps you create this network of support and future opportunity.

It helps you develop a business attitude

A business is successful only when its owners make decisions based on data-driven information. It’s crucial to pay attention to what impacts the bottom line. If you are lucky enough to work for a small business—or even a larger business that operates with a philosophy of transparency—you’ll get extremely valuable insight and perspective on how this process works.

That’s because you’ll actually contribute to the process. You’ll work with managers and maybe even the business owners to set growth and operational goals. You’ll see how your own efforts to promote additional products and services to customers helps to increase the profit margin.

Sure, you can read about this and teach yourself the basics of running a business. There’s no substitute to seeing business concepts put into actual work—and participating in this process helps you prepare for what you’ll do when it’s time to start your own business.

Answer important questions about your own abilities

Is a business owner the same thing as an entrepreneur? You’ll find lots of debate about this, but it comes down to the same thing. Not everybody has the right mindset to take on the responsibility. Read this short Forbes article and answer the questions it asks. It can help you decide if being a business owner will fit your personality.

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