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Multiple surveys report that most of us take only about half of the vacation time we earn. And, even when we do take those vacation days, three out of five of us admitted to doing something related to work.

It’s a boost to our self-confidence knowing that we’re needed, but vacation time is important for your physical and mental health. When you do return, you’re more productive and effective – so it’s a benefit for your employer, too. Science even backs this up.

Stress reduction

The American Psychological Association released a 2016 study showing that vacations allow us to experience fewer headaches, backaches, and even heart problems. What’s more the relief from these symptoms can last for months.

Your job doesn’t have to be stressful to cause stress. It’s simply a part of being a responsible employee. Making it a point to be on time and accountable can cause everyday stress that we may not even really be aware of. Getting away from the daily routine of your job for a week’s vacation helps you let it all go.

Good news for your heart

Several recent scientific studies have established a direct link to vacations and cardiovascular health. One study determined that we’re 30% more likely to have a heart attack if we’re at risk for heart disease and we skip vacations.

It’s even true for women. Those who regularly skipped vacations were found to be nearly eight times more likely to develop heart disease.

We want to be heart-healthy, and our employers do, too. Another important reason to take the vacation time you’ve got coming to you.

Better productivity

The everyday rush of our jobs actually can undermine our ability to perform at peak levels. We all want to do more in less time, but that takes a consistent focus. Ernst & Young did an internal study and found its employees had an 8% performance rating improvement for each additional 10 hours of vacation they took.

People who take frequent vacations and use the time they’re given by employers are generally happier with their jobs. Several employee consulting groups have found that the more often you take the vacation time available to you, the more likely you are to be a long-term employee.

Better sleep

If you don’t sleep well at night, it could be because you’ve got too much on your mind – and it’s being carried over from your job. We are less focused and alert when we aren’t rested from a good night’s sleep. It can impair our memory, which can lead to accidents.

This is one of the biggest reasons why most employers have begun to be more insistent that their employees take advantage of every hour of vacation available. You’ll come back with less stress, a better outlook on your job, and more motivation.

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