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Sometimes we all feel, well…a little underappreciated. We’re not a part of a unicorn startup that just got a multi-billion-dollar market valuation. We’re not an Instagram influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers. We’re just, regular people with regular jobs.

We’re sort of like paper clips. The world is changing around us – but the more it does, the more we’re needed. Maybe there’s something to be said for doing a job that represents stability. After all, look at what’s quietly happening to the paperclip.

It’s not going anywhere

The world may be moving us all closer to being mostly digital, but the paper clip is a hero analog holdout. A company called ACCO is the major American producer of paper clips. This company has watched its stock price skyrocket in the past five years.

It turns out that – regardless of mobile devices and computers – Americans purchase more than 11 billion paper clips every year. That’s about 35 paper clips per person.

Necessary even in modern life

Paper clips don’t seem to fit in well with our flashy digital lives. You sit down at your laptop and what you accomplish probably doesn’t seem to have any association with a paper clip – which really hasn’t changed its shape or been improved in over a century since a patent was issued to a man named William Middlebrock for his paper clip-making machine.

Yet, should you discover that you’ve got no Internet connectivity, our unsung hero the paper clip is what saves the day. We’ll use it to poke that well-protected reset button on the back of our modem. Boom. We’re back up and running.

That’s the role of the paperclip in our lives today. It’s an unassuming icon which reminds us that some things are necessary – even as the world continues to change around us. Paper clips are one of the unsung heroes in our lives. Those of us who are in the PHCE industry know the feeling. The universal need for what plumbers, electricians, and HVAC techs provide is part of a deeper infrastructure that the more glamorous world sits on top of. We don’t get the limelight, but there’s no argument about the necessity of our services.

Which is not to say that our jobs can’t be deeply personally satisfying. Even the seemingly unchanging paper clip is finding new ways to provide value. Several years ago, a blogger started with a single red paper clip. He started a series of trades with his paperclip, and after 14 times ended up with a house.

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