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“Sorry, but my job keeps me busy enough.” Many people feel that way, but studies show that people who volunteer their time find it can help further their career. It turns out that when you spend time as a volunteer, you can end up getting more than you give.

Here are some of the hidden rewards that can enrich both your career and your life.

It can widen your professional network

Volunteering is an effective way to meet prospective customers, as well as people in your industry who can help you with career advice – and even a better job. It’s one of the top benefits of donating your time and talent. Potential employers get to see you in action – so be sure to volunteer for something you truly enjoy doing. People will see the best side of you.

It can make your job feel less stressful

We’re usually on the job at least eight hours a day, five days a week. Thoughts about our job tend to steal the majority of our attention, and that’s not always a good thing. Volunteering – especially if its during work hours and with the approval of your employer – helps you refocus and move away from concentrated thinking, at least about your job. It’s good for your mental health because a change in routine often is all it takes to regain your perspective.

It’s good for your self-esteem

It’s human nature. We’re often our own worst critic when it comes to assessing work performance. Spending even just an hour or two volunteering offers the opportunity to give yourself a few mental gold stars for doing an excellent job. That optimism and positive attitude can easily spill over into your time back on the job.

Often, volunteering allows us to learn new skills. It’s not necessarily all that important what you learn. It’s that you exercise those mental muscles which keep you primed for learning. After all, your job as a trades professional means there’s a constant flow of new technology heading your way.

It can help you promote your company

We are not our jobs, but we often do represent who we work for – even when we’re off the clock. Volunteering gives you an opportunity to be an extension of what your company stands for as you work to help improve the community it serves. Volunteer work is a surefire way to raise your own profile, as well as your company’s.

Today’s most successful PHCE residential service companies know how important it is to give back to the communities where they do business. They often encourage employees to find opportunities to volunteer, and these companies put resources towards this. Many companies fitting this profile are affiliated with the Nexstar Network and are considered employers of choice. They’re looking for exceptional people who want to take the next step in their career. Find out more.