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Summertime…and the livin’ is easy. Those are the lyrics we probably all know – but if you are looking for a job during the months of June through August, you might find that things are, well…not as easy – or quick. At least in terms of getting responses to applications.

This doesn’t hold true in all industries. For example, if you work in the trades as a plumber, electrician, or an HVAC technician, you’re well aware that there’s a national shortage of professionals to fill these positions – especially for home services companies. Even so, there are likely to be some delays. Here’s why.

Summer vacation!

The kids are out of school, and that means it’s prime time for family vacations. Even in smaller companies, there’s a higher probability that managers and other decision-makers are taking time away from the job. It’s going to be more difficult to get a face-to-face interview. Or, you may get an interview and discover there’s someone else you have to meet, and that person is gone for the next two or three weeks.

Front loading

Many companies – both big and small – also fill open positions during the beginning of the year. Hiring budgets are refreshed, and there’s more time for decision-makers to concentrate on filling vacant jobs. It certainly doesn’t mean that no one is looking during these months, so it’s worth your while to explore opportunities if you’re not satisfied with where you work right now.

In fact, you might be able to stand out as a great catch during these months because there are generally fewer people looking. Again, the summer months create peak usage for air conditioning – which means that residential service companies offering HVAC repair and installation could be looking to add to their staff to take care of the extra demand coming their way.

The cyclical nature of job creation

Deciding to hold off until early Fall is a personal choice, but it’s no reason to prepare for the uptick in hiring that usually happens as soon as September rolls around. Don’t put off making sure all of your training and certification is up to date. Being ready to jump on a job opening as soon as you find it is always to your advantage.

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