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Jobs, Robots And Automation: What’s Ahead For Us?

The first industrial revolution created more jobs than it displaced. Employment reached levels never seen before. Now we’re getting ready for the next industrial revolution. Robots and automation is supposedly set to replace many of the jobs that were created by the factories and mass production of the last industrial revolution. Will this really happen?

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How Body Language Can Help Improve Your Customer Service

Whether they’re happy to see you or not, the visit starts with spending time with your customer. Even if it’s a short conversation, research shows that 60% to 90% of it can be nonverbal. Body language is a key part of this nonverbal communication. Here are some body language tips to help you increase your customer service satisfaction level.

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The Benefits Of Becoming A Morning Person

Setting that alarm for an early wakeup call is an easy task. But, when it goes off, the idea of getting up is just too, well, exhausting. So, the snooze button wins again. What’s so difficult about getting up early? Is it not enough hours of sleep?

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