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In fashion and design, yes. But in plumbing? Certainly. “Less is more” is making itself right at home in our homes, thanks to innovative advances in technology.
If consumers think of plumbing at all, it’s probably just from an aesthetic angle. When it’s time to replace a leaking faucet, they’ll pay attention to what’s trending. But the real technology-driven changes in plumbing are happening to things not often seen. If you’re in the trade, you’ve got to keep up with what technology brings forward.

Trenchless repairs

Want to see a grown homeowner cry? Give them the news that the reason for the constant problems is a collapsing drainage pipe. In the past, news like that came with a hefty—but justified—price tag. Trenching is costly, time-consuming, and just an all-around physical challenge.
Plumbers who offer the option of trenchless technology are finding that it’s become much easier to propose and sell to consumers, who are now more aware of the process. A job that used to take multiple days can be done in hours.
A single hole takes the place of a trench marching out to the main line. The biggest challenge for plumbing service professionals offering this option is to help customers understand that the cost savings doesn’t necessarily come from trenchless repair—but in the thousands of dollars saved from having restorative work done to property.

Touchless plumbing fixtures

It’s hard not to see a touchless plumbing fixture featured in a commercial while you’re watching any of the DIY or home improvement cable channels. This is one case where technology has been a perfect solution for convenience and common sense.
Faucets and showers that turn on and off with motion sensors can dramatically reduce water consumption. Consumers were first introduced to this technology in public areas where necessity drove the implementation. Now they want it in their homes, where it’s often more about convenience.
Ultimately, these touchless fixtures help plumbers become heroes. Water consumption is decreased, helping consumers feel they’re acting responsibly—and being rewarded further by lower water bills.

Tankless water heaters

Affordability and efficiency pair well together when it comes to this alternative to a traditional home water heater. Thanks to the Internet and social media, the public has been made more aware of tankless systems—and there are now more manufacturers making them. What’s important here is that these manufacturers are names the public recognize.
Selling the idea of a tankless water heater has become easier because more people know about it. However, there’s often pushback because the initial costs of installation are often higher than simply replacing an old water heater.
Professionals recommending these systems have to be comfortable explaining how a higher up-front cost is going to be offset by up to 20 years of continuous cost savings.
Plumbers who work in residential services are spending more time talking technology with homeowners as a wide array of options make their way from being expensive luxuries to must-have affordable necessities.
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