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The online job website CareerBuilder released a study last year saying that 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates before hiring. That was up 10% from the previous year.
“Reference available upon request” is pretty much a thing of the past when it comes to seeking out employment opportunities. Thanks to social media, most employers can find out just about everything they need to know about you.

Survey says

It turns out that “social screening” and “social recruiting” are now commonly accepted HR terms. In fact, 30% of employers surveyed said they have someone dedicated to this process. What, exactly are they looking for?
The good news is that they’re not necessarily looking for skeletons in your closet. Only 24% of those surveyed said they use social screening purposely to look for reasons not to hire candidates. They’re mainly looking to see if you match up to what your resume says and how you presented yourself at the interview.
• 61% of employers say they’re searching for information to support that you’re qualified for the job
• 50% of employers say they’re curious to see how you present yourself online as a professional
• 37% of employers say they’re curious to see what your online peers have to say about you
The most common social networks Employers say the most common social networks they check are:
• LinkedIn
• Twitter
• Facebook
If you think about it, LinkedIn is an obvious choice. Of all the social networks, this one skews more toward professional associations than all the rest. How you interact with people there gives then insight into how you’ll fit in with their organization.

What they do with their findings

When surveyed, about 51% of hiring managers said they use insight from a candidate’s social media interactions to see if they’ll be a good fit with the company culture. Employee questionnaires don’t necessarily paint a realistic picture, while we can count on our Facebook friends to call us out if we’re not acting as our true selves online.
Nearly 45% of hiring managers say they research candidates on social media to get a better feel of their qualifications. That may not help much with insight into highly technical knowledge and skills, but it can help a potential employer with better understanding your communication skills.
Finally, about 44% said they use social media to get a better understanding of a candidate’s creativity. And, while you might think a job in the trades doesn’t leave much room for creativity—remember that ingenuity is a crucial facet of creative thinking. Frankly, if you’ve figured out Snapchat or how to post a boomerang video on Instagram, you’re not going to be overwhelmed by the constant updates to the technology found in your day-to-day job.

2-way street

What’s good for a potential employer is good for you, too. It’s wise to do some investigating of your own as you consider changing jobs. Run a search on them and see what pops up. You can gather valuable insight on company culture by looking at social media pages and posts.
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