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If you’ve been using NexstarJobs over the past year and a half, you may have noticed a sudden increase in the number of emails from us regarding interested candidates. The reason for this burst of activity is we created a partnership with ZipRecruiter last August. ZipRecruiter is driving candidates in their database who match your job criteria to NexstarJobs.

The good news is traffic has more than tripled. The bad news is most of the candidates are not uploading a resume, because most of them are applying from a mobile device. We’re working on ways to convert those expressions of interest to actual resumes. In the meantime, here’s what you should do when you get one of these emails.

1. These candidates are leaving their contact information. Respond to them and thank them for applying then indicate that you are interested in learning more about their experience and invite them to email you their resume.

2. Make sure your jobs are up to date. Any time you post, update or close your jobs online, make sure you are also taking these actions on NexstarJobs. Side note: If you’re one of the cool kids using NexstarRecruiter, you can edit all of your job postings to various job boards (including NexstarJobs) on one site.

3. NexstarJobs should be a part of your recruiting process. If you’re not using NexstarJobs, it’s free, so you should start using it immediately.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss, contact Nexstar’s Recruiting & Retention Coach Steffan Busch, steffanb@nexstarnetwork.com.