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Perhaps you’ve never written a resume. Or, maybe you have but you need to brush up on it. Let me see if I can you help you. Here is some guidance on writing a good resume to help you get the job you’ve earned.

The most important thing to remember when writing a good resume is to focus on your achievements. What did you accomplish at your prior jobs? It doesn’t have to be a world changing accomplishment. Did customers rate you with high scores? Did you have perfect attendance? Did you improve a process? Those are all commendable achievements! Don’t worry about listing the day to day things you had to do…for example, everyone has to fill out paperwork and communicate with dispatch. You want to impress the person reading your resume and show them what an awesome member of the team you will be.

The next most important thing to remember is that your resume needs to state a purpose. The purpose should be at the top underneath your name and contact info. What do you want? You’re a world class home services technician looking to work for a world class company? Let the world know it!

You also need to indicate your highest level of education. If you are an inexperienced technician but just completed trade school, you should have that at the top underneath your purpose statement. You want that to stand out with the person reading your resume. Otherwise, if you have prior experience in your job history then your experience should go underneath your purpose statement. Once you’ve got all of this down, the rest is formatting and ensuring your past dates of employment are correct.

This is an opportunity to make a strong first impression with a hiring manager or recruiter of the company you want to work for. This is another chance to put your best foot forward and be your best self.