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In the earlier blog post about how to crush the interview, I talked about channeling the achievements in your life that you’re most proud of when preparing for the interview. As a reminder, you want to do this to help give you the confidence and positive mind set needed to do your best in the interview.

When it comes to writing a resume, it’s good practice to maintain that same mindset when thinking about what you achieved at your current and past jobs. This post is going to focus on writing an achievement based resume as opposed to a “how to” on formatting a resume…I have advice on formatting a resume in the Toolbox section of the site under “Resume Writing Tips”.

When writing a resume, it’s easy to list the day to day activities that you fulfilled at your prior jobs. If you were a technician the day to day probably included filling out paperwork, communicating with dispatch and fixing furnaces. That’s all well and good, but what did you achieve at your prior job that set you apart? Did you consistently get 5 out of 5 ratings from customers? Did you increase your monthly sales by a certain percentage? Did you earn an award for your outstanding work? Where you promoted? You’re proud of your achievements so list them under each job you have had and leave out the day to day activities.

Writing an achievement based resume accomplishes two things. First, it gives you the confidence and positive mind set needed in the job search…you’re a world class technician who wants to work for a world class company, show that company why you deserve to work there! Second, it shows the hiring manager how much of a badass you are and why they would be a fool for not hiring you! You can also use those achievements later on during the interview.

An achievement based resume is a valuable tool to have when searching for a job. It gives hiring managers great insight into how much of an asset you’ll be working for them thus increasing the calls for interviews you will get and most importantly it gives you the proper mindset to have pride in what you do and to crush the job interview.