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So a company is interested in meeting with you in person? Nervous? Excited? Hoping you don’t throw up all over yourself during the interview? Being nervous for an interview is normal. This isn’t something you do very often and you understand that you have to make a good first impression. Let’s talk about some key factors that will help you interview well.


Before the interview you will want to prepare mentally. Research the company. What is the service area? What are the company mission/values? Go over the job description again. What are the tasks and how does your experience line up with it? If you’re new to the industry, how do your prior jobs and achievements relate? Think about the greatest achievements in your life. They don’t have to be job related…the things you’re proudest of. Remember them and be prepared to talk about them in the interview. This will accomplish two things. First, it helps give you the confidence you need to interview well. Second, talking about your achievements will help you answer the interview questions.

Focus On Achievements

The interviewer is going to ask you questions about your past jobs and achievements. This is the time for you to channel those past achievements you’re proud of and tell the interviewer about them. The interviewer will most likely ask you questions that begin with the phrase, “tell me about a time you…” He or she is looking for you to give an example of when you accomplished the task they are referring to.  Your job is to answer that question with as similar of an example as possible. It may not be the exact situation but have something as similar in mind as possible and describe why it’s relevant. Talking about your greatest achievements will not only give the interviewer the impression that you create goals and achieve them, it also helps you to relax as you’re discussing events that you are proud of.

Be Yourself…Your Best Self

To be your best self is to let your personality shine and be relatable to the person interviewing you. Don’t be afraid to smile, crack a (work appropriate) joke, or if you’re shy…be shy, it’s who you are and it’s not a weakness. You want to impress the interviewer so view it in a similar light as if you’re trying to impress someone for a date, or your grandmother who you love very much is about to introduce you to one of her friends. Be polite, avoid profanity, turn on the charm…everyone’s got charm it just comes in different packages. As they say, put your best foot forward.

Dress for Success and to Impress

You want to make a strong first impression so you have to dress the part. Specifically, in residential services, you are going to be in people’s homes and you will want to make a good impression with them as well. Make no mistake, you are being evaluated based on how you look and present yourself outwardly just as much as you are being evaluated based on your technical skills. No need to overdo it though…no three-piece suits, but no jeans and tee shirts either!

Bring It In

You already have the technical skill set and the desire to better yourself…that’s the most important thing. You have something the hiring manager wants…knowledge, skills and abilities. If you’re good at your job and currently employed, you have the upper hand in a lot of ways.  Ideally, the company you’re interviewing with has the pay, benefits and growth opportunities you’re looking for. The job interview is awkward, there’s no getting around that. But by following the stepsabove you can make the interview less awkward and realize that it is nothing to get stressed about. Most importantly, it’s your opportunity to show that you are badass, world class, and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t hire you!