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Not everybody wants to be an entrepreneur. Working for another company can be a satisfying way to spend your career—as long as it’s a company that shares your goals. It’s practically impossible to get away from the steady stream of recommendations that we should all start our own company and work for ourselves.

It can be hugely rewarding, but often it comes with a lot of sacrifice. You may have to give up most of the employee benefits that you now take for granted. You also lose the opportunity to learn from smart leaders who have invaluable skills and experience. If there’s one drawback to working for others, it’s that you might have to move from one job to another a few times to find the perfect fit. The best way to make yourself more valuable to your next employer is to increase your value to your current one. Here are a few ways you can accomplish this.

Be generous with ideas

If you’re not a manager, it’s likely that you’re on the front line. You have regular interaction with the company’s customers. This means you probably receive a lot of unsolicited input about what those customers like or don’t like about your company. Share this information with the people within your company who have the power to use it to make changes.

There’s a big difference between relaying a broken record of gripes and sharing an idea. Instead of offering just the customer input, give some thought to how your company could fix the issue. Valuable employees are generous with ideas that lead to improvement and innovation.

Stay current with industry trends and changes

Technology has dramatically shortened the time between an emerging trend and industry adoption. If you’re an electrician or HVAC technician, you can’t get around knowing how to install and program a smart thermostat. If you’re a plumber, your customers are probably asking you all about trenchless plumbing.

The big question is: Do you wait for your employer to require you to upgrade your skills, or do you work on keeping up with new skills yourself. Valuable employees are proactive about industry-specific training and certification.

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Be a team player

Sure, it’s your manager who’s going to decide whether to recommend you get a promotion or a raise—but he or she isn’t the only person you have to prove yourself to. Coworkers are crucial to helping you show your value to your employer.

Are you the point person on projects? Do coworkers look to you for suggestions on fixing problems? Positioning yourself as a team player who’s always generous with time and ideas is a way to show that you’ve got future leadership potential. Valuable employees look for ways to foster collaboration and improve productivity.

Building blocks for the future

Looking for ways to improve your value helps you to move up through the ranks. Employers are always on the lookout for people who want to be a part of progress, rather than just show up for a paycheck. The thing about relationships with an employer is that they’re often just like personal relationships.

It takes equal participation from both parties. You may discover that you’re contributing more than you’re receiving. If that’s the case, it might be time to find an employer who’s ready to reward you for the value you bring. You can start creating that value right now.

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