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How To Properly Quit Your Job

More and more home service technicians who work in plumbing, heating and air and electrical are working at Nexstar member companies. Technicians who aren’t at Nexstar member companies should be thinking about leaving their current jobs to get hired by these great companies. That being said, resigning from a job can be an awkward, emotion filled experience. There are a lot of wrong ways to quit your job, but fortunately… Read More

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Interviewing – How To Answer Behavioral Based Questions

Interviewing for a job can be stressful. You must convince a complete stranger that you’re qualified to do the job while explaining the tasks and accomplishments of your prior jobs. And to top it off, sometimes the person interviewing you will ask you questions that they consider “clever”, such as “sell me this pen”, “why should I hire you?”, or even, “why should I not hire you?” (I’ll admit, I’m still trying to figure that one out)…. Read More

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New Hires: Own Your Job

During my career, I’ve had a couple of jobs where I was in a position that was new for the company. In both situations, the company had a basic idea of what they wanted the position to accomplish, but I was left to figure out the details of what my job would entail. This is very common place, even when the position is not new. It is also very common for us to assume that when we start a new job, there will be someone there to thoroughly train us… Read More

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Gain Solid References

Employers want to know that you are going to be hard working, loyal and a great asset to the company. One of the best ways of showing these qualities to a prospective employer is by gaining solid references from past supervisors, co-workers or teachers. In particular, nothing makes you look better than getting a favorable reference from a former supervisor. Here are some rules to effectively gaining solid references… Read More

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How To Deal With Job Search Stress

Searching for a new job, especially if you’re unemployed, can be a very stressful experience. It’s stressful even when you are currently employed. You have to update your resume, or write one from scratch! Then, you spend time searching for jobs online and applying for the jobs you know you’re a good fit for. In many cases, you don’t hear anything back after you apply. Then, once you do get a call back, there is the stress of interviewing! Here are some tips to help manage the job search process and the stress that comes with it… Read More

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Tips To Pass A Pre-Employment Test

You’ve applied for a job with a company you’re excited about working for. Even better, they call you because they like what they saw on your resume and want to speak with your further. This is exciting! Then they give you a bit of stressful news…they want you to take a pre-employment test that measures personality and cognitive ability. You immediately begin stressing because the first thought that crosses your mind is that they are going to decide whether to hire you based on a test… Read More

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What NOT To Put On Your Resume

Resumes are truly living documents that should be edited with care and updated frequently. In my tips for good resume writing I talk a lot about what to include and the mindset that needs to be taken when writing a resume. Now let’s talk about what NOT to include on a resume. When managers and recruiters look at resumes they often times look for reasons not to consider the candidate or what we call “red flags”. You want to reduce as many red flags as possible… Read More

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Getting Referred Is Still Your Best Chance At Landing The Job You Want

It’s easy to get caught up in technology these days…and unfortunately, job hunting is no different. When we think about job hunting, we tend to think about going to job boards such as Indeed or Careerbuilder, searching for jobs by category and location, and fill out online job applications that have been mobile optimized (but still take forever to fill out). Once you’ve taken the time to fill out the application someone within the organization will review it and determine your worthiness for the job in mere seconds. Unless your prior experience matches what the company is looking for close to 100%, it’s highly likely your application will be filed away never to be seen again. But hey, look at the bright side, you might get an email acknowledging you’ve applied… Read More

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Nexstar Member Companies Pay Higher Than Average

When you hear the phrase “destination employer” what is the first thing that comes to mind? The immediate thing that comes to mind is pay and benefits but there is much more. In an earlier post called “Find the Right Company” I talk a lot about some key components that go into making a company a destination employer…components like the company’s culture, management style, and reputation. Those components are all very important…but ultimately pay is a big deal too so let’s talk about that! Read More

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